What is Ttarrag Shed??

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Ttarrag Shed is the layout that is operated by the 16mmGO&OA.

The layout currently measures 30' long & 10'6" wide.


We are very proud to have won the 'Best layout at show award' at the National Garden Railway Show held at Stoneleigh in 2011.

The only time that the award was given whilst the show was at Stoneleigh.

Previously in 2009, Chris & Eileen had been presented with the 'Lamb Trophy', much of which was to do with Ttarrag Shed attending so many shows. We have attended just over 100 shows with Ttarrag Shed since it's 'birth...'





It is operated by a team of 'Passed Runners' who have all been assessed, trained & passed out for running on Ttarrag Shed.

The above photo was taken in 2008 at the National Garden Railway Show - Stoneleigh & shows the 'magic eleven', a team of passed runners who fired non stop all day.

From left to right, i give you - Ian Rolfe, Derek Pollard, Max Hampson, John Burnett, Chris Moody, Bob Kirchner, Julian Smith, Eileen Moody, Dave Marshall, Eddie Bull & at the front, John Brittian (clutching his hands with pre show nerves...). 


The Garratts (& that's generally the only type of locomotive we run here) are also passed out for running on the layout - the aim is to provide a fleet of locomotives that are reliable & will give trouble free operation at shows/exhibitions.


Ttarrag Shed itself is a representation of a loco shed with water/coaling/ashing facilities & it's location could be anywhere in the world - Wales, South Africa, anywhere at all.


In the real world, the yard is situated next to the double track main line with Gattarr Junction just a couple of miles away.  


 The last exhibition that the 'mighty shed' attended was in May 2011 before it changed it's role from a portable exhibition layout to a layout which will be enlarged slightly & then erected in a 'fixed' configuration in a purpose built building. At the time of writing, (May 2014) the building is up & is currently being insulated & lined internally. Once this work has been done, the layout will then be erected in it's larger form & will be available for viewing on South Arbury Railway open days. Ttarrag Shed will have a rail connection to the South Arbury Railway. Further details will appear here as there is progression.