Re-opened in 2014 !! 

Many of you are conversant with the South Arbury Railway.


21st June 2015 will be the date for 'Garratt Sunday' this year.

This will be the anniversary of 12 years since the first NGG16 ran here & that very Garratt will be in attendance on the day.

Running times are from 12:00 until 18:00.

In a slight change to the plan that we have held every year, we will be running Garratt type locomotives only at this event - there will be plenty of other events at South Arbury at which we will run anything that anyone brings.

So if you have a Garratt & want to stretch it's legs, please do bring it along. Spectators with an interest in Garratts are also very welcome.

Unfortunately,  the 'Ttarrag Shed' building still isn't complete, but the new 'refreshment & hospitality suite' is, so we won't go thirsty!

We look forward to seeing you on the day. 


19th August 2014 - The date for the autumn running day (The Great South Arbury Steam Festival) has been confirmed as Sunday 12th October. This will be an event where any type of 16mm scale locos can be run & not just restricted to Garratts.The event will run from 10:00 until 18:00. Britannia or the B1 is due to run past here on 'The Easterling' at 10:38 - please go to for more information on the correct timings of this full size, main line spectacle.

Stop press: We have just learnt (on 6th October 2014) that 'The Easterling' has been cancelled & will be rescheduled to run on a later date. This doesn't affect our running day will continue as planned. 


If you wish to attend, please let us know by email or phone at least 48 hours before the event. Our contact details are on the 'Contact us' page.


The Building that will house 'Ttarrag Shed', is externally complete & internal fitting is now taking place. We'd hoped to have the layout up & running in time, but then we'd hoped to have it up & running about 12 months ago! Unfortunatly, our time has been short & we've not been able to dedicate the time required to complete it in time. 




 1st May 2014, Latest news - Big changes at South Arbury! The track plan has been altered & also 'Ttarrag Shed is almost in it's new home - a building designed & built specificlly for the purpose. This has also allowed us to create 'Gattarr Junction' - a location that had always been fictional, until now! Gattarr Junction is the point at which the rail connection from Ttarrag Shed joins the SAR

There are no open days scheduled here before August , but watch this space for date after that!

More to come very shortly!!


 Garratt Sunday - June 2007. Mick Browns NGG16 awaits it's turn of duty in New Chesterton Yard at the South Arbury Railway. 


The railway was first opened in 2001 with the main goal of producing a running line for large Garratt type locomotives & lengthy trains to be put through their paces.

The line served us well untill last year when we purchased the garden next door. The last train ran on that railway in 2008 before changes started to take place.

Currently, the line is being rebuilt to take in all of the new land & will emerge a much larger & more challenging railway than before! More tunnels, more bridges, more gradients, more spirals, more waterfalls along with easier curves - it has to be worth waithing for!!


We were originally looking for an October 2009 opening, but that date just whizzed by.

Work on the line is slow, but steady so things are progressing.

Looking forward to the re-opening in 2014!!


So - watch this page for details of the date, updates will appear as the work progresses...



 The start of the end...

The first bridge was taken out in 2008. This view is looking towards the bottom end of the land with the existing garden on the right (you can see the other line on the far right) & the new part on the left.


Update - 14th September 2010

Work is way behind schedule at the moment, but still continues!

The track & trackbed you see in the last photo above have now completely gone as have the hedge that the railway ran alongside & all the trees & vegitation to the left.

The new track bed is taking shape, but unfortunatly heavy rain & a last minute change of track plan forced us to delay the opening which we'd hoped would have taken place over the August 2010 Bank Holiday Weekend. The new date has still to be confirmed, but will be announced here & in 'Sixteen Millimetre Today' magazine.


Update - 21st August 2011


The 10th Anniversary of the South Arbury Railway at Waterbeach will be held on the 10th September 2011.

All types & makes of 16mm scale locos & rolling stock are welcome.

The times are midday until 6pm.

Please email or call Chris & Eileen to confirm attendance. 


Update - 19th Nov 2011


The 2011 'Great South Arbury Steam Festival' will be held on Sunday 11th December.

 All types & makes of 16mm scale locos & rolling stock are welcome.

The times are midday until 6pm.

Please call or email Chris or Eileen to confirm attendance.



Update - 1st January 2012

Open day dates for 2012 have just been finalised!

The all important 'Garratt Sunday' will be on 17th June this year.

As well as a lengthy, double track, level circuit - there is also a  single track, double spiral line with curves of around 7ft radius on gradients of approximatly 1 in 50 - ideal for double headed Garratts on lengthy trains... 


Other open days will be as follows;

22nd April - 'Bertie-Fest' for all the Roundhouse 'Bertie' class fanatics

8th September - 'Darjeeling Day', speaks for itself

9th Dec - 'The Great South Arbury Steam Festival', the winter steam spectacular.


We aim to keep to the themed days, but if you don't have a loco of the days theme, just bring along whatever you have & run - getting together & steaming is what it's all about!

Please call or email us before the day to confirm attendance - even if you have been before, thank you.